Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) 6 x 175g - Ocean Fish

Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) Diet is a special feed for cats that suffer from kidney problems. Renal failure can result from breeding, environmental influences or even poor diet. Animals suffering from renal failure are often severely impaired as a result. To prevent this problem developing, it is incredibly important to supply your cat with plenty of fluids.

A feed with reduced protein content can also help as a high animal protein content is considered to be a major factor in the development of kidney problems. To ensure your pet has enough energy, the food contains a higher calorie content from non-meat sources. PotaΒium citrate, on the other hand, can help to reduce the acidity of urine, thereby preventing painful bladder stones (so-called oxalate crystals).

Phosphorous and calcium content are also reduced. Taurine and other important vitamins and minerals round this feed off nicely to ensure your cat has plenty of strength and vitality. Kattovit Kidney/Renal (Renal Failure) wet food at a glance: Special wet food for cats with diseases of the kidneys For the prevention of oxalate crystals Low protein content: low animal protein content to protect the kidneys Increased calorie content (not from proteins) With potaΒium citrate: for neutral, leΒ acidic urine and to combat bladder stones Reduced phosphorous and calcium content With taurine: eΒential amino acid for a healthy heart and good vision With important vitamins and minerals: for a complete, well-balanced diet.

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