Kattovit Diabetes / Weight - 1.25kg

Kattovit Diabetes / Weight has been carefully designed for cats with diabetes mellitus and weight problems. Diabetes can particularly develop in old age due to increased blood sugar levels and can cause considerable problems for your cat. A significant risk factor is obesity, which is often a result of a high calorie and fat intake, combined with too little exercise.

Kattovit Diabetes / Weight dry cat food features a reduced fat and energy content, without added sugar. This can have a positive effect on your cat's high blood sugar level. The high proportion of important dietary fibre in Kattovit Weight Control helps to increase the amount of time that the food stays in your cat's digestive tract, which can prevent fluctuations in your pet's blood sugar level.

This dry food also contains L-carnitine to convert fat reserves into energy, thereby supporting weight reduction. Kattovit Weight Control is a complete, well-balanced cat food thanks to the added taurine and other important vitamins and minerals. Kattovit Diabetes / Weight at a glance: Special dry food for cats with diabetes mellitus Also ideal for overweight cats Reduced fat and energy content: lowers blood sugar level High in dietary fibre: longer digestion rate, balances fluctuating blood sugar level With L-carnitine: supports weight reduction and the breakdown of fat reserves With taurine: for a healthy heart and good eyesight Important vitamins and minerals: for a complete, well-balanced diet
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