Kattovit Convalescence (Energy Plus) - 6 x 175g

Kattovit Convalescence (Energy Plus) is a wet food developed for all cats requiring lots of energy. This can be the case for underweight or malnourished cats or cats suffering from chronic conditions (trauma, sepsis, tumors, maΒive parasite infection, burns). Pregnant, growing and extremely active cats also require a feed that meets their high calorie requirements and that food needs to be highly digestible.

Hence, Kattovit Convalescence (Energy Plus) contains a large amount of chicken, liver, fish, and beef as easily digestible protein sources. Rice, is included as a particularly digestible carbohydrate source with a low allergenic potential. An increased mineral content also ensures a balanced supply.

Taurine as well as valuable vitamins offer a balanced, healthy diet that helps the cat to improve its physique. Kattovit Convalescence (Energy Plus) at a glance: Special wet food for convalescing cats with increased energy needs Ideal for weak, sick and underweight cats Also suitable during growth, pregnancy or very active animals High protein content: high animal protein content (chicken, liver, fish and beef) for energy With light rice: as a digestible carbohydrate source with low allergen potential High mineral content: sufficient supply for active building up of strength With taurine: for a healthy heart and good vision With eΒential vitamins: for a strong immune system.

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