Josera Nature Cat - 2kg

Josera Nature Cat dry cat food is a grain-free recipe, making it ideal for cats and kittens over 6 months old with food sensitivities. An extra portion of poultry (29%) and salmon (10%) provides a valuable source of protein. This complete food is deliciously rounded off with exquisite herbs, vegetables and fruit, adding variety to your cat's food bowl, as well as a range of natural nutrients.

Peppermint and parsley combine beautifully with aronia, blueberries, rose hips and other plant extracts for a delicious flavour. The optimal calcium-phosphorous ratio and reduced magnesium content promote a urine pH value of 6-6.5. This food also helps the prevention of urinary stones, a common problem among cats.

The crunchy kibble contains dietary fibre, which helps the paΒage of loose hairs that have been accidentally swallowed during grooming. Josera Nature Cat contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements to strengthen your cat's overall health and organ function. It also provides your cat with vital taurine, which is needed for heart and eye health.

A complete, natural meal produced by premium German company Josera, which stands for high-quality and sustainability in all of its products. Free from artificial additives. Josera Nature Cat Dry Cat Food at a glance: High-quality dry food for adult cats and kittens from 6 months old 100% grain-free: suitable for sensitive cats with allergies or intolerances Full of poultry (29%) and salmon (10%): provides valuable animal protein Variety at mealtimes: recipe rounded off with a pleasant mix of herbs, fruit and vegetables, such as peppermint, aronia, raspberries, rose hips and marigolds Regulates pH levels at 6.

0-6.5: with an ideal calcium-phosphorous ratio and reduced magnesium content, which can help combat urinary stones Anti-hairball effect: dietary fibre supports the paΒage of hairs through the digestive tract With taurine: can strengthen your cat's heart and vision Vital nutrient complex: with a variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements Free from artificial additives Made in Germany: produced under strict quality controls by premium producer Josera Sustainable company philosophy: production with a responsibility to people, animals and the environment.

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