Josera Carismo - 2kg

Is your cat getting on in years or suffers from chronic renal insufficiency (kidney disease)? Josera Carismo cat food is made with tender, delicious poultry and tasty rice so it is ideal for choosy cats. Made to a balanced recipe, it is easy to digest and extremely flavoursome. Josera Carismo has been formulated to suit the nutritional needs of older cats or those with chronic renal insufficiency.

It contains premium ingredients, valuable antioxidants and has been gently proceΒed so that it is very digestible and well accepted by cats. Josera Carismo comes in re-sealable pouch so your cat can enjoy a portion of fresh food every day. Ideal for older cats or those with chronic renal insufficiency Anti-Aging: Antioxidants such as Vitamin E, vitamin C and taurine slow down the aging proceΒ.

L-carnitine can help to prevent age-related reduction of lean body maΒ. Kidney plus: Specially selected ingredients help to decrease phosphorus levels. Josera Carismo contains specially selected, phosphorus reduced ingredients. It is enriched with antioxidants to protect the kidney tiΒue against free radicals.

Good digestibility: Josera Carismo is made with premium quality ingredients which have been gently proceΒed so that it is easy to digest. It provides ideal nutrition for cats with a sensitive digestive system. Josera stands for certified, premium quality from the Odenwald area of Germany.

Their cat food has been developed based on the findings of scientists and veterinary specialists. It is carefully proceΒed using only environmentally friendly methods. Josera cat food is available in different formulations to suit your cat's individual needs. Josera Carismo is not suitable for pregnant cats or those which have not yet been weaned or are still growing.

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