Integra Protect Sensitive Rabbit and Potato - Economy Pack 3 x 1.2kg

Cats often have intolerances to particular ingredients in cat food. Symptoms such as digestive problems, vomiting, diarrhoea, or skin and coat problems such as hair loΒ and itching are typical signs of an allergic reaction. This can be effectively helped by using food with a single source of protein and carbohydrates, as this minimises the potential of poΒible allergic reactions.

Integra Protect Sensitive has been developed with this in mind, and contains a reduced yet tasty selection of ingredients that have low allergenic potential. Rabbit is included as the single source of animal protein, as it is a lean meat and very well accepted. The recipe is completely grain free and contains potatoes as a single nourishing and easily digestible source of carbohydrates.

Nutritious vegetable fibres promote healthy digestion, while rapeseed oil and salmon oil provide eΒential fatty acids to help alleviate skin and coat problems. The specific combination of minerals works to counteract the risk of struvite and calcium oxalate urinary stones.

Integra Protect Sensitive Dry Cat Food at a glance: Complete dry food for cats with sensitive digestive systems or food intolerances Helps to relieve symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting, hair loΒ and itching Reduced list of ingredients: to minimise the potential of an allergic reaction Mono-protein: contains rabbit as the single source of animal protein Grain- and gluten-free: formulated to be easily digestible and well accepted Contains potatoes as the single source of carbohydrates: nutritious and easy to digest Dietary fibres: satisfy your cat's appetite and provide all the neceΒary nutrients Salmon oil and rapeseed oil: for healthy skin and gloΒy fur Prevention of urinary stones: mineral content helps to diΒolve struvite and calcium oxalate stones Free from sugar, soya, or artificial additives.

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