Hill's Science Plan Young Adult Sterilised Cat - Chicken - 300g

Hill's Science Plan Young Adult Sterilised Cat Chicken is an optimally adjusted cat food for neutered cats from 6 months to 6 years. Many cat owners have their cat neutered to avoid pregnancy and certain undesirable behaviours. On the downside, neutering increases the risk of becoming overweight and developing bladder stones threefold. Overweight can in turn lead to serious health problems such as diabetes mellitus.

Reasons for exceΒ weight after neutering: Reduction of sexual hormones slows down the metabolism The cat's appetite rises by up to 25% Energy use reduces on average by 30% Reasons for the development of bladder stones after neutering: Neutered cats tend to drink leΒ often, resulting in more concentrated urine Concentrated urine may lead to a disadvantageous urine pH Minerals in high concentration in the urine can collect and result in stone development These health risks mean your cat will have special dietary requirements for its whole life.

The good news is that a special diet can reduce the risks. This is why Hill's Science Plan Sterilised Cat Young Adult was developed for daily feeding.

It promotes healthy development and keeps your cat fit, from young age well into adulthood. Hill's Science Plan Feline Young Adult Sterilised Cat Chicken provides the ideal combination of ingredients to support your neutered cat's health from 6 months to 6 years: Unique Weight Management Formula: Low fat contents enable adjusted feeding amounts Controlled calorie intake for optimal energy provision L-carnitine and L-lysine help - clinically proven - to prevent fat storage and maintain slender muscle maΒ For healthy kidneys and a healthy urinary tract: Adjusted mineral contents avoid stone development and support healthy kidney functions Effective regulation of the urine pH-value Clinically tested antioxidants with proven effect: High contents of vitamins E and C Maintains a strong immune system Neutralises free radicals Older cats have different dietary requirements from young cats, especially due to their weakening kidney functions.

Hill's Science Plan is the only brand that offers two different compositions of cat food, adjusted to the different requirements of young and older neutered cats.

Hill's Science Plan Sterilised Cat Young Adult supports you in giving the best nutrition to your young neutered cat (6 months to 7 years).

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