Hill's Science Plan Adult Indoor Cat - Chicken - 4kg

Does your cat produce a lot of hairballs and is the vet speaking of a weight problem? Luckily, there is a solution. Hill's Science Plan Adult Indoor Cat - Chicken is a balanced, light and low fat cat food which contributes to a reduction in hairball problems. The low calorie and reduced fat contents control your cat's weight. Tasty, uniquely shaped kibble with special vegetable fibres help the cat's digestive system to cope with hairballs if fed daily Low calorie and fat contents help to keep the ideal weight in cats aged from 1 to 6 years who have a tendency to be overweight The high-fibre recipe satisfies without the need to reduce feeding amounts Promotes healthy skin and shiny fur Hill's cat food is made using high-quality, easily-digestible ingredients which will give a bowl of Science Plan a much higher nutritional value than a bowl of normal pet food, so the cost of feeding your cat may be lower than you might expect.

In addition, the high digestibility of Hill's cat food will reduce your cat's stool volume, so that cat litter will have to be changed leΒ frequently.

Hill's Science Plan Feline Indoor Cat Adult cat food - crunchy and with a savoury taste, this is the perfect cat food to keep your cat fit for a long and healthy life. Kibble:.

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