Hill's Science Plan Adult Cat Light Chunks in Gravy Pouches - Saver Pack 24 x 85g

Hill's Science Plan Adult Cat Light Pouches Chunks in Gravy Cat Food is specially designed for cats with a tendency to be overweight. A unique combination of vitamins and minerals in the exquisite gravy sauce filled with chunks of meat promote a healthy, long life. The 12 x 85g pack of Hill's Light Pouches contains the following flavours: 6 x 85g Chicken 6 x 85g Ocean Fish The Hill's Science Plan Feline Adult Light recipe is specially adapted to the nutritional needs of overweight cats.

The taste of fish makes Hill's Feline Adult Light into a real delicacy and the enticing aroma is tightly sealed into every fresh pouch. Hill's Science Plan Adult Cat Light Pouches Chunks in Gravy boast a unique recipe: Hills Science Plan Immune Support Formula (ISF): a unique combination of antioxidants and vitamins to strengthen the immune system High proportions of vitamins C and E protect from cell damage and premature ageing for a long and healthy life An increased energy density covers the energy needs of the adult cat without the need to take in large volumes of food, supporting your cat's metabolism Incredibly tasty: the excellent taste ensures high acceptance, while different flavours provide variation in the food bowl Low salt and balanced mineral contents reduce the risk of kidney damage and promote urinary tract health.

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