Hill's Prescription Diet Feline - w/d - Saver Pack 24 x 156g

Hill's Prescription Diet offers a wide range of therapeutic, clinically tested food products to suit your pet's specific nutritional needs. Hills Prescription Diet Feline w/d wet food is a long-term solution to help your cat maintain the ideal weight. It is also suitable for cats suffering with diabetes or hyperlipidemia or those which react sensitively to fibre-rich foods.

It is low in fat and calories and helps to stop your cat from putting on weight again. The food is fibre-rich which keeps the digestive system healthy and your cat feeling full. It is enriched with L-carnitine which supports lean muscles and helps to burn exceΒ fat by boosting the metabolism. Lots of antioxidants help to neutralise free radicals and this food also helps to keep your cat's urinary tract healthy.

Indications: Weight maintenance to prevent your cat from putting weight back on Hyperlipidemia (only dry food) IllneΒes which benefit from fibre (diabetes mellitus, constipation, colitis) Reduce the risk of struvite FLUTD in cats which tend to put on weight Not suitable for: Kittens Pregnant or lactating cats Cats which are also taking medication to increase uric acid Not suitable for cats which are underweight, dehydrated or weaked.

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