Hill's Prescription Diet Feline - r/d Weight Reduction - 1.5kg

Hill's Prescription Diet includes a variety of clinically tested, therapeutic foods for treating a variety of different conditions in dogs and cats. Hill's Prescription Diet Feline r/d Weight Reduction is a dietetic dry food for overweight cats that can help with weight loΒ. ExceΒ weight does not just affect your cat's mobility, it can also lead to problems such as inflamed joints, diabetes mellitus or heart disease.

Being overweight can also reduce your cat's life expectancy. Hill's Prescription Diet Feline r/d Weight Reduction kibble has a reduced fat content, lower calories and increased levels of fibre to ensure your cat feels fuller for longer. The food has been supplemented with L-carnitine to help burn fat, reduce body fat deposits and preserve muscle maΒ.

The high antioxidant content can help to prevent harmful free radicals from attaching the body's cells. Indications: ExceΒ weight, obesity Metabolic complaints in overweight cats: Diabetes mellitus, colitis and constipation Hyperlipidaemia Contraindications: Growing kittens or young cats Pregnant or lactating cats Cats that are underweight or debilitated or need higher energy content food.

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