Hill's Prescription Diet Feline - m/d Diabetes / Weight Management - 1.5kg

Extra weight reduces mobility, affects the general health of your cat and can lead to shorter life expectancy. As with humans, factors contributing to weight gain in cats include overfeeding of fatty calories in connection with lack of exercise. Hill's Prescription Diet Feline m/d is clinical nutrition especially formulated for the treatment of overweight in cats.

Being overweight can cause serious problems such as: heart disease inflamed joints diabetes Not suitable for: kittens pregnant and nursing cats cats wih kidney insufficiency Pets with diabetes need a special diet to feel well and reduce the required amount of insulin. Its low-fat, high-protein formula helps your cat to lose weight. Of all of Hill's special diet foods, Hill's Prescription Diet Feline m/d contains the largest amount of L-carnitine and lysine to promote fat burning and the maintenance of muscle maΒ.

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