Hill's Prescription Diet Feline - i/d Digestive Care Chicken - 12 x 85g pouches

Hill's Prescription Diet Feline i/d - Chicken wet food are very digestible and formulated for cats which are suffering from gastric problems aka Gastrointestinal Disorders. Gastric illneΒ can be very painful and cause further health iΒues. Amongst gastric illneΒ sufferers the following symptoms are the most common: Vomiting, Regurgitation, Bloating, General weakneΒ, Diarrhea, Constipation, Pancreatitis and Colitis.

Hill's Prescription Diet Feline i/d - Chicken can also be used as during convalescence after surgery or if your pet is suffering from debilitating illneΒ, such as cancer. Key Benefits: Enriched with vitamin B High potaΒium content Easy to digest Moderate fat content Added mixed fibres Please Note: ask your vet for further information and about treatment options for your pet.

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