Hill's Prescription Diet Feline - c/d Multicare Salmon - Saver Pack 24 x 85g

Hill's Prescription Diet includes a variety of clinically tested, therapeutic foods for treating a variety of different conditions in dogs and cats. Hill's Prescription Diet Feline c/d Multicare with Salmon can help to promote urinary tract health and reduce the recurrence of urinary stones. FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) is a complex disease of the lower urinary tract which is often related to crystal formation in the urinary tract, a painful condition for many cats.

The two most common types of crystals that form in the urinary tract of cats are struvite stones and calcium phosphate crystals. Struvite crystals and stones usually develop because the cat's urine is too high in magnesium, ammonium and phosphorus and it also has an alkaline urine pH.

Hill's Prescription Diet Feline c/d can help to support treatment of kidney complaints thanks to its unique formulation: Targets the 4 main causes of FLUTD (FIC, struvite and oxalate stone, thrombus) DiΒolves sterile struvite stones in leΒ than 14 days and reduced the chances of repeated occurrence Low salt, to maintain healthy kidneys Designed for long-term feeding No need to change foods Indications: FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) Struvite crystal growth.

Preventing or reducing the recurrence Idiopathic FLUTD in adult cats Not recommended for: Growing kittens or young cats Pregnant or lactating cats Not suitable for feeding in combination with urine acidifying medications.

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