Hill's Nature's Best Feline Adult Cat - Chicken - 2kg

As a cat owner, you will know that a high quality diet plays an important role in the health of your cat. Hill's Nature's Best Feline Adult dry cat food (over one year old) contains exactly the right amount of nutrients and no unwanted filler products. The balances of these high quality ingredients is the key to the best diet for your cat. Hill's Nature's Best Feline Adult Cat - Chicken at a glance: Tasty, top-grade chicken support the development of strong bones and muscles and provides your cat with eΒential amino acids for optimal health.

Brown rice is a highly digestible and only slightly allergenic carbohydrate source that is gentle on your cat's stomach and supports an ideal nutrients absorption.

Corn provides your cat with with eΒentially fatty acids and rich amounts of energy for all somatic cells, the brain, and red blood cells . Oats is an important dietary fibre source for healthy digestion and solid stools; oats also provide the body with B-vitamins, protein and energy. Garden vegetables are a natural source of antioxidants such as carotene and vitamin E, which strengthens the immune system.

The high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids gives your cat glowing appearance with healthy skin and shiny coat. Fruits are eΒential for the health of your cat and a proper function of the gastrointestinal tract, they are also a great source for vitamin C. Clinically proven antioxidants for supporting a healthy immune system.

No ingredients likely to cause an allergic reaction like wheat, soy, dairy or bulking agents. Naturally preserved using vitamin E and rosemary extract to ensure freshneΒ and excellent flavour using natural ingredients. No artificial preservatives, flavour enhancers or colourants added.

Hill's Nature's Best Feline Adult with delicious chicken is formulated to provide a complete diet for adult cats aged 1 or more. Hill's Nature's Best cat food - the food with that great feeling of providing your cat with only the best pure, natural ingredients. Hill's Nature's Best Kibble:.

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