Herrmann's Menu Mixed Trial Pack 14 x 85g - 7 Varieties

Herrmann's Menu is an especially high-quality, complete-diet food for cats. The meat ingredients mainly come from organic sources: farms that humanely raise and slaughter their own animals. The fruit, vegetables, carbohydrates and oils are also from certified organic sources that are mostly local to Herrmann's. Two of the meat varieties contained in Herrmann's Menu are not certified organic: Fish caught wild due to poor welfare standards of farmed fish.

Game because living wild is the best way. Herrmann's Menu, with its easy-to-digest carbohydrates (rice, quinoa, kamut) and extra portion of vegetables (spinach, pumpkins, carrots), is complete nutrition for every cat - gently steamed. The Herrmann's Menu Cat Food Mixed Trial Pack contains: 2 x Organic Chicken with Kamut 2 x Fish with Organic Rice 2 x Organic Beef with Quinoa 2 x Organic Beef with Pasta 2 x Venison with Organic Apple 2 x Organic Duck with Potato and Banana 2 x Organic Goose with Natural Yoghurt Herrmann's Menu Cat Food is natural, species-appropriate nutrition for your cat: Complete wet cat food Cats are carnivores, as a species-appropriate, healthy cat food Herrmann's Organic-Menu has an extra high meat content of 96% High quality raw ingredients: all organic ingredients come from certified organic producers The defining qualities of Herrmann's proteins: Organic beef: very lean, high in zinc, B complex vitamins, vitamin A and D, potaΒium, sodium, iron Organic poultry: (chicken, goose, duck), highly digestible, breast meat and necks for an excellent, balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio, no antibiotics or other growth-promoting substances in the feed of the animals for slaughter Game: has a low allergenic potential and a high protein content.

This meat is not organic because the wild is the best habitat for game.

To ensure organic quality the animals would need to live in enclosures. Fish: easily digestible and rich in protein, and also contains many fatty acids, exclusively fish fillets, no innards, bones are minced and ensure a balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio. Due to the conditions under which fish are caught wild, this is also not certified organic.

Carrots, spinach, and pumpkins from certified organic farms (Demeter) provide eΒential vitamins and minerals as well as fibre for regular digestion. A small proportion of rice, kamut, quinoa in Herrmann's Organic-Menu provide carbohydrates for strength and endurance. Herrmann's Cat is especially gently prepared in order to retain the full nutritional content of natural vitamins and minerals Herrmann's Cat Food free of artificial preservatives and other additives.

Constant quality controls to maintain a consistent quality standard: Herrmann's products are regularly checked by an independent quality control lab and veterinary experts.

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