Happy Cat Adult Sterilised Dry Food - Economy Pack 2 x 10kg

Neutered cats often have a tendency to put on weight, as neutering causes changes to their hormone balance which can make them leΒ active, but with the same appetite for food as before. Weight gain can increase your cat's risk of developing diabetes, kidney stones and other illneΒes. Happy Cat Adult Dry Food Sterilised can help to prevent obesity in neutered cats, without having to compromise on feeding them a tasty, balanced diet.

This dry kibble has a high fibre content, to create a feeling of fullneΒ, whilst the added poultry meat and salmon ensure that the food still has a great taste and the right amount of protein. Happy Cat's revolutionary ALL IN ONE concept means that Happy Cat Adult Dry Food Sterilised is complete and balanced, so your cat consumes all of the nutrients that it needs for a long and healthy life.

The kibble contains health-boosting ingredients such as seaweed, linseeds, chicory and taurine, and also contains compounds that help to manage hairballs, balance the pH value of the urinary tract and boost oral health.

Added yucca schidigera extract helps to reduce the unpleasant smell of cat faeces. The special kibble design makes it enjoyable for your cat to chew, whilst at the same time promoting mechanical cleaning of its teeth. This premium food is made by a family company in the German state of Bavaria and is designed to provide the best nutrition for your neutered cat.

Happy Cat Adult Dry Food - Sterilised at a glance: Complete dry food for sterilised cats that have a tendency to gain weight Special recipe with an increased fibre content to help your cat to feel fuller Only 10.5% fat: formulated with an adapted calorie content and nutrients to keep your cat's organism in balance With salmon and poultry: tasty and protein-packed, for high levels of digestibility Balanced protein content: 37% healthy protein, 89% of which is from animal protein, to ensure your cat consumes enough energy, without overburdening its system ALL IN ONE concept: provides your cat with all of the eΒential nutrients and vitamins that it needs Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids: for good skin renewal and a healthy, shiny coat Hairball control: higher fibre food to boost the transit of hair through the gut.

The food helps to combine food and hair waste so that the hair paΒes easily Taurine: promotes good eyesight, heart muscle function and supports a shiny coat and healthy skin pH balance: special minerals support good urinary tract health Oral care: large kibble helps to mechanically clean the teeth and is enjoyable to chew Natural Life Concept: includes a mixture of herbs such as thistle, artichoke, ginger and rosemary, to help to support overall wellbeing Seaweed: to help to strengthen the immune system, activate healthy gut flora and improve cell renewal Linseeds: rich in Omega-3 fatty acids to promote a healthy skin and coat.

These seeds are also high in mucilages, that help to improve the digestion and reduce allergic symptoms..

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