Grau Gourmet Saver Pack 24 x 200g - Variant I

Grau Gourmet Canned Cat Food is a content-rich, high quality complete diet for all kitties. It's made from only the best raw ingredients and select cuts of meat that are carefully prepared for a delectable, digestible cat food. Grau Gourmet completely avoids preservatives such as anti-oxidants, artificial colouring or flavouring not only in its production but also in the selection of its raw ingredients.

We also guarantee that no meat alternatives such as soy are used in Grau Gourmet cat food. Contained in an air-tight can to prevent spoiling, this product uses no chemical preservatives. Grau Gourmet is subject to constant quality control checks to ensure that every can is just as high quality and tasty as the next.

The saver pack contains 4 cans of each of the following delicious flavours: Variant I: 4 x Beef with Wholegrain Rice 4 x Lamb with Wholegrain Rice 4 x Poultry with Wholegrain Rice 4 x Turkey with Wholegrain Rice 4 x Heart and Liver with Wholegrain Rice 4 x Sensitive Mutton with Spelt.

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