Grau Gourmet Grain-Free Mixed Saver Pack - 24 x 200g

Grau Gourmet Grain-Free is a special food to supplement your cat's diet. Some cats have sensitive digestions and react to the addition of grains or cereals in their food. Grau Gourmet Grain-Free takes these nutritional sensitivities in consideration. This top quality cat food is available in several tasty varieties and is made from premium ingredients. Carefully selected meat is gently prepared to create a delectable, highly digestible cat food.

The specified meat variety consists of 50% muscle meat and 50% offal. Only top quality offal such as heart, liver, stomach and tripe (depending on the type of meat), all with a high nutritional value, is used,. Grau Gourmet Grain-Free cat food is entirely free from artificial preservatives, antioxidants, attractants, colouring and flavourings.

It is also free of soya modified protein content. It comes sealed in an air-tight container so it is protected from spoiling. This quality and tasty cat food has undergone a stringent quality control proceΒ. This taster pack of Grau Gourmet consists of the following delicious varieties: 4 x Turkey and Lamb 4 x Chicken and Veal 4 x Turkey, Salmon and Mackerel 4 x Rabbit, Beef and Duck 4 x Poultry and Ocean Fish 4 x Poultry gizzards in Jelly (light) Grau Gourmet Grain-Free is a complete feed.

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