Grau Gourmet Grain-Free 6 x 800g - Poultry and Ocean Fish

Grau Gourmet Grain-Free is a premium quality complete cat food. Some cats have problems digesting grain. Grau Gourmet is grain-free and suitable for cats with allergies and sensitive digestions. It is available in several tasty varieties and contains only meat and no carbohydrates. Selected meats are gently prepared to create a delectable, very digestible cat food.

The cat food is made from 50% muscle meat of the specified meat variety and 50% offal. The offal used is of top quality and with a high nutritional value. Depending on the type of meat, offal sch as heart,liver, stomach and tripe is used. Grau Gourmet uses 50% muscle meat from the specified meat variety and 50% offal. Only quality offal with a high nutritional value, such as heart, liver, stomach and tripe (depending on the type of meat) is used.

No artificial preservatives, antioxidants, attractants, colourants or flavourings are used, either with raw ingredients or during the production of Grau Gourmet Grain-Free. Grau guarantees that Grau Gourmet complete cat food is free of genetically modified soya.

It undergoes a stringent quality control proceΒ and comes sealed in an air-tight container to protect it from spoiling! Grain-free Meat from 50% muscle meat and 50% offal Offal includes heart, liver, stomach and tripe Only specified source of meat in each variety Suitable for nutritionally sensitive cats No soya, no artificial ingredients Careful, gentle preparation Handy 800g can size, great for breeders and multi-cat households.

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