Grau Gourmet Grain-Free 6 x 400g - Chicken and Veal

Grau Gourmet Grain-Free is a complete wet cat food of the highest quality. Some cats are sensitive to the addition of grains to their diet. Grau Gourmet Grain-Free takes these nutritional sensitivities into account. This premium cat food, available in a variety of flavours, is made exclusively from meat and is carbohydrate-free. By using select, lovingly prepared cuts of meat, Grau has produced an exceptionally digestible cat food.

The specified meat variety is composed of 50% muscle meat and 50% innards. Only quality innards with a high nutritional value are used, such as heart, liver, stomach and tripe (depending on the type of meat). Grau Gourmet Grain-Free is completely free from artificial preservatives, antioxidants, attractants, colours and flavourings.

It is also guaranteed to be free from meat that has been modified using soya. It comes in an airtight container to protect from spoiling. This outstandingly high-quality and delicious cat food undergoes constant quality control checks. Grau Gourmet Grain-Free 6 x 400g at a glance: Grain-free complete wet cat food Suitable for nutritionally sensitive cats Meat from 50% muscle meat and 50% innards Innards from heart, liver, stomach and tripe Only specified source of meat used No soya, no artificial ingredients Lovingly prepared Large portion can size of 400g.

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