Grau Cat Care Plus FLUTD Paste (Urinary Tract) - 100g

FLUTD or Feline Urinary Tract Disease is often aΒociated with struvite, mostly in the form of struvite crystals. Kidney and bladder stones in cats often lead to urinary tract problems. The number of cases with these problems is constantly increasing and affected cats suffer greatly from it. Typical symptoms of such a condition are frequent yet minimal urination, often accompanied by pain.

Your cat may also start urinating in locations other than the litter box. You can however avoid the buildup of struvite stones quite easily. DL-methionine is added to Grau FLUTD Paste, which reduces the pH of your cat's urine, actively making it more acidic and thereby combating the buildup of struvite crystals.

Grau FLUTD Paste is part of the Grau Cat Care Plus Concept, which follows the principles of vitality, well-being and good quality of life for your cat. Sensible dietary supplements that your cat will lap up made with the guidance of plenty of experience are brought together under the name Cat Care Plus. Grau Cat Care Plus FLUTD Paste (Urinary Tract): Delicious cat paste from Grau Cat Care Plus DL-methionine reduces the pH of urine Prevents the buildup of struvite stones Maintains vitality and well-being If you suspect a urinary tract iΒue, it's vital to first obtain a positive diagnosis from your vet confirming that the iΒue in fact is struvite crystals.

If such is the case, it is also recommended that you switch to a higher quality, meaty but low in magnesium diet such as Grau Miezelinos Adult Urine-pH Special.

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