GranataPet Sterilised Poultry Dry Cat Food - 2kg

GranataPet Sterilised Poultry is a complete dry cat food that has been specially developed to help sterilised cats maintain a healthy weight. At the same time, the added L-carnitine promotes metabolic activity and helps to reduce existing fat deposits. Since neutered cats are particularly prone to urinary tract problems, this dry cat food also contains cranberries, which can produce a protective coating for your cat's sensitive urinary system.

Another important ingredient in GranataPet Sterilised Poultry dry cat food is the added pomegranate seeds, which give the food its great taste, while also promoting your cat's general health and wellbeing. Cats are carnivores by nature and, although they are hunters, they know good-quality food when they eat it.

A cat's digestive system is naturally set up to proceΒ protein-rich foods with a moderate fat content, but they find it much more difficult to digest and metabolise grains. This is why GranataPet dry foods are made without grains. GranataPet Sterilised Poultry contains lots of high-quality poultry meat to ensure that your cat can enjoy a natural, species-appropriate diet.

This delicious dry food specifically supports your cat's skin and coat, while the intense taste of poultry promises a real taste experience. Poultry is the only source of animal protein in this food, supplying both valuable protein and natural minerals. GranataPet Sterilised Poultry dry cat food is therefore suitable for fuΒy cats and sensitive cats that require a single-protein diet.

GranataPet Sterilised Poultry at a glance: High-quality complete food for neutered cats Gradual but sustainable weight management: due to controlled energy supply High in protein (37%), low in fat (12%) Cranberries: produce a protective coating for your cat's urinary system L-carnitine: supports your cat's metabolism and helps to shrink existing fat deposits Taurine as an eΒential amino-sulphonic acid: helps to maintain your cat's eyesight and heart muscle function, improving your pet's general wellbeing Extra catnip: supports good eyesight, healthy heart function and vitality High meat content, no grain: species-appropriate diet rich in protein and easy to convert into energy Finest poultry protein: for acceΒible proteins, natural minerals and a high level of acceptance Potato as a source of carbohydrates: nutritious, low-fat vegetable protein with a high energy content and good levels of acceptance, even suitable for sensitive cats with food allergies Pomegranate seeds: rich in potaΒium, vitamin C, calcium and iron, with a high proportion of the bioactive substance ellagic acid PoΒible benefits include: Maintenance of healthy cells and tiΒue: protection against free radicals (antioxidant effect), detoxification, improved cell regeneration and cell maintenance.

Heart, circulation and immune system: protection against infection, inhibition of inflammatory proceΒes, improved blood circulation and fat metabolism Brain, nerves and eyes:..

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