Gourmet Perle 24 x 85g - Tuna Fillets

Spoil your cat with Gourmet Perle cat food, made to a unique recipe with top quality ingredients. These delicious mini fillets in handy 85g portioned pouches will tickle your pet's taste buds and make every meal a delight. Give your cat an incomparable taste experience with Gourmet Perle, made from selected ingredients. The unique combination of juicy meat and vegetables in a hearty gravy gives you pet plenty of variety every meal.

The balanced recipe also provides your pet with all the important nutrients, minerals and vitamins it needs for a balanced, species-appropriate diet. Gourmet Perle in fine gravy in handy pouches for any gourmet cat. Gourmet Perle cat food at glance: Complete feed for cats of all breeds and stages in life A unique selection of recipes Delicious meat combined with vegetables In hearty gravy Balanced and holistic In practical pouches.

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