Gourmet Gold Terrine 12 x 85g - Chicken Carrots and Courgettes

Cats are true gourmets. They appreciate great tasting food, but they also enjoy a variety of flavours. Gourmet Gold Terrine is available in a wide choice of different, exciting flavours, all made with premium ingredients for a delicious taste experience your cat will love. Tasty morsels of meat or fish are combined with other great tasting ingredients to create a delicious Paté which will delight even the most discerning of cats.

Gourmet Gold Terrine are made using only the very best ingredients and the 85g can is the perfect size for a single portion. Your cat can enjoy a fresh, tasty meal each time and the irresistible flavour experience will satisfy even the choosiest of cats. Give your cat a real treat with Gourmet Gold Terrine: Top-quality ingredients Amazing taste experience A delicious terrine made with tasty morsels of meat or fish combined with other quality ingredients In handy 85g single portion cans Irresistible recipes Gourmet Gold Terrine Cat Food - the artful selection of ingredients combined with a unique recipe - a pleasure your cat cannot resist.

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