Gourmet Gold Tender Chunks 12 x 85g - Beef

Gourmet Gold Tender Chunks are irresistible bits of meat in a delicious sauce. The unique recipes with high quality ingredients will tantalise your cat's taste buds. The 85g cans are ideal for individual portioning of food - freshneΒ delivered right to your cat's bowl. Gourmet Gold Tender Chunks is exactly the right cat food for kitties who love gentle bites of meat in a fine sauce.

Gourmet Gold Tender Chunks at a glance: complete feed for cats high-quality ingredients unique recipe with gentle bits of meat and a tasty sauce an irresistible flavour experience, that satisfies even the pickiest cats an unmatched variety of flavours in a practical, 85g can - always fresh on your cat's plate Gourmet Gold Cat Food - the artful selection of high-quality ingredients combined in a unique recipe - a pleasure your cat cannot resist.

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