Gourmet Gold Refined Ragout Saver Pack 24 x 85g - Salmon

Cats are true gourmets. They appreciate great tasting food, but they also enjoy a variety of flavours. Gourmet Gold Refined Ragout is available in a wide choice of different, exciting flavours, all made with premium ingredients for a delicious taste experience your cat will love. Gourmet Gold Refined Ragout contains tender strips of beef, chicken, salmon or tuna combined with a delicate sauce.

Gourmet Gold Refined Ragout is a delicious complete cat food that comes in handy single portion cans - nothing goes to waste and you know it's fresh every meal! Gourmet Gold Refined Ragout at a glance: Complete wet food for cats Premium ingredients: a choice of exciting flavours for a delicious taste experience Complete and balanced: contains all the nutrients your cat needs to stay healthy Strips of meat in a delicate sauce: appeals to even the fuΒiest of cats.

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