Gourmet Gold Pte Recipes Mega Pack 48 x 85g - Pollock and Carrot

Your cat deserves more than ordinary cat food. Now you can indulge your cat with Gourmet Gold Pate, a delicious Paté made to a unique recipe, using top-quality ingredients. Even the most choosy cat will enjoy the different varieties of Gourmet Gold Pate. Your pet will be provided with all the nutrients needed for a balanced and healthy diet. Gourmet Gold Paté provides a selection of different, delicate recipes and offers something for every palate.

Give your cat a real treat with Gourmet Gold Pate: Complete feed for cats A unique selection of fine recipes - for daily variety High quality ingredients Unique recipes in a fine Paté An irresistible taste sensation to treat even the most particular of felines The practical 85g can means it is always fresh for your cat Gourmet Gold Cat Food - the artful selection of ingredients combined with a unique recipe - a pleasure your cat cannot resist.

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