Gourmet Gold Mixed Trial Packs 4 x 85g - Double Delicacies

Cats are true gourmets and insist on variety in their menu. Your cat deserves only the very best and likes to enjoy its meals - just as you do! Gourmet Gold is premium quality cat food made to exquisite recipes using only selected ingredients. Ideal for the choosy cat with exacting demands. Discover the different Gourmet Gold varieties with this tempting selection of irresistible tastes and textures which will be a real treat even for the most discerning feline palates.

Gravy Collection - meaty chunks in a delicate sauce for gourmet cats 1x with Duck with Olives 1x with Trout and Vegetables 1x with Rabbit and Carrots 1x with Veal and Vegetables Double Delicacies - select strips and chunks in sauce for flavour and texture variety 1x with Beef and Chicken 1x with Rabbit and Liver 1x with Ocean Fish with Spinach 1x with Duck and Turkey Gourmet Gold Cat Food - the artful selection of high-quality ingredients combined in a unique recipe - a pleasure your cat cannot resist.

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