Gourmet Gold Delicacies in Sauce 12 x 85g - Duck and Turkey

Cats have truly refined taste and often insist upon variety in their diet. The most sophisticated diet among cats goes even further and requires variety at every meal. Therefore, Gourmet Gold Delicacies Cat Food contains strips and chunks in a delicious sauce, offering a taste experience and culinary delight for every cat, in practical cans. Each recipe offers the perfect proportions of nutrients that your cat needs to lead a healthy, vital life.

Gourmet Gold Delicacies in Sauce at a glance: ideal for cats who prefer variety of flavour and texture high quality ingredients complete food for adult cats a unique recipe with choice strips and chunks in a tasty sauce an irresistible flavour experience that will satisfy even the pickiest felines an unmatched variety of flavours in a practical, 85g can - always kept fresh for your cat Double Delicacies contains the following: 3x with Beef and Chicken 3x with Beef and Chicken in Tomato Sauce 3x with Ocean Fish with Spinach 3x with Duck and Turkey Gourmet Gold Double Delicacies: Gourmet Gold Cat Food - the artful selection of high-quality ingredients combined in a unique recipe - a pleasure your cat cannot resist.

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