Gourmet Gold Cans Mixed Pack - 12 x 85g Pte Collection with Vegetables

Gourmet Gold is a wet food that every cat will enjoy. Cats are true gourmets and insist on variety in their menu. Your cat deserves only the very best and likes to enjoy its meals - just as you do! Gourmet Gold is premium quality cat food made to exquisite recipes using only selected ingredients. Ideal for the choosy cat with exacting demands. The carefully planned mixture of hearty meat and flavourful fish makes this a culinary delight for any gourmet cat.

It's enriched with valuable minerals for a balanced diet and important vitamins to nicely round off the meal. Improve your cat's health and general well-being. The wide range of dishes allows you to treat your pet something new every day, keeping your choosy little friend excited about mealtimes.

The select ingredients provide your cat with everything they need for an active, full life. Gourmet Gold at a glance: Exquisite wet food for cats aged 1 - 7 years Top ingredients: high quality animal proteins for great flavour and high acceptance Valuable minerals: for a balanced diet Important vitamins: for great health and happineΒ Rich and varied: dinnertime doesn't get boring Holistic Double Delicacies contains the following: 3x with Beef and Chicken 3x with Beef and Chicken in Tomato Sauce 3x with Ocean Fish with Spinach 3x with Duck and Turkey Gravy Collection contains the following: 3x with Chicken and Liver 3x with Beef 3x with Duck and Turkey 3x with Duck and Sole Paté Recipes contains the following: 3x with Ocean Fish 3x with Turkey 3x with Liver 3x with Beef Paté Collection with vegetables contains the following: 3x with Lamb and Green Beans 3x with Duck and Spinach 3x with Trout and Tomatoes 3x with Pollack and Carrots Senior contains the following: 3x with Salmon 3x with Chicken 3x with Beef 3x with Rabbit.

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