Gimpet Schnurries with Taurine Chicken and Salmon - 140g

Plenty of tasty ingredients make Gimpet Schnurries "Purries" with Taurine, Chicken and Salmon an irresistible treat. They are rich in taurine, which is important for your cat's eyesight. Alongside convential dietary fibres, Purries also contain a lactose derivative with a high content of TGOS (TransGalactoOligoSaccharide). TGOS is a soluble dietary fibre derived from milk.

It acts as a food source within the intestines for friendly bacteria. Their production hinders harmful bacteria. Friendly bacteria help break down and digest food. Heart-shaped treats are an ideal opportunity to treat your cat. Aromatic chicken and salmon makes this snack particularly tasty. Gimpet Schnurries "Purries" with Taurine, Chicken and Salmon: Contains taurine for good eyesight TGOS positively impacts upon intestinal flora With tasty chicken and succulent salmon Heart-shaped cat snack Ideal for treating your cat between meals Give your cat something different to its usual wet or dry food by treating it to Gimpet Schnurries Purries.

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