Gimpet Malt-Soft paste - Saver Pack 3 x 200g

Gimpet Malt-Soft is a tasty cat paste with naturally pure, tasty malt, which supports the digestion, helping to expel swallowed hair and indigestible elements. Cats wash themselves very regularly, and during the washing proceΒ they can swallow large amounts of hair, which then form into indigestible hairballs in the stomach. It takes effort for the cat to bring hairballs up, and they can often make the cat very uncomfortable.

The malt in this paste can naturally ease the transit of hairballs and it also contains natural enzymes, which makes it easy to digest, with a delicious flavour. The dietary fibre in the product can help to promote good gut activity and have a positive effect on the cat's digestion.

No sugar has been added during the manufacture of this product, so the paste is ideal as a healthy treat. Gimpet Malt-Soft Cat paste at a glance: Tasty paste suitable for all adult cats Ideal as a healthy treat With nutritious malt: To support the natural elimination of swallowed hair, and providing a delicious flavour With eΒential dietary fibre: To help digestive transit and promote healthy digestion No added sugar.

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