GimCat ShinyCat Jelly Kitten 6 x 70g - Tuna

GimCat ShinyCat Jelly Kitten is a mouth-watering wet cat food made with juicy, bite-sized pieces of tuna in an exquisite jelly. The tuna has been caught using responsible sea-fishing methods, without dangerous drift nets. Thanks to the high protein content and very low fat content, this tasty canned cat food is a healthy supplement to your young cat's normal diet.

This complementary kitten food contains a balanced mix of vital minerals, such as phosphorous and calcium, which can promote healthy, controlled growth and development. GimCat ShinyCat Jelly Kitten Food is naturally free from sugar and artificial additives. GimCat ShinyCat Jelly Kitten Tuna at a glance: Supplementary wet food for kittens and young cats Ideal for kittens aged 8 weeks and over High protein content: tuna as the only source of protein Low fat content of 1.

5% Balanced calcium-phosphorous ratio: optimal nutrient profile With bite-sized pieces of sea-caught tuna Sugar-free No colourings or preservatives.

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