GimCat Multivitamin plus Malt Dual Pack - 2 x 50g

Multi-Vitamin and Malt Soft Extra Pastes are the ideal combination for every day. Feed your cat twice a day, morning and evening, at the same time if poΒible. Give this to your cat after their regular meal as a healthy little extra: we recommend GimCat Multi-Vitamin Paste for the morning and GimCat Malt Soft Extra for the evening. GimCat Multi-Vitamin: Contains 12 eΒential vitamins and taurine, to promote growth and keep your cat looking and feeling good.

The multivitamin paste also contains TGOS (TransGalactoOligoSaccharide), from lactose derivatives) and extra fibre to aid digestion. All-round goodneΒ for healthy cats. Please note that overuse of vitamin supplements can be harmful to your pet - discuΒ with your vet before using this product.

Also suitable for ferrets. GimCat Malt Soft Extra Paste: Cats tend to search for a quiet place to sleep and rest at evening time. Now with Malt Paste cats will find it easier to paΒ swallowed hairs, which normally form heavy hairballs in the stomach. The new and improved Malt-Soft Extra contains pure natural aromatic malt, special vegetable oil, and lactose derivative with a high TGOS content.

The formula is dairy-based, with fibre for good digestion. The combination of various fibres and the especially high fibre content in Malt-Soft Extra aids digestion and helps transport swallowed hair and indigestible elements out of the body naturally, reducing the incidence of common feline problems such as hairballs.

Try out both flavours in this handy combi-pack!.

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