GimCat Multi-Vitamin Paste - 200g

Cats need vitamins to stay healthy and fit, but their vitamin requirements are often not adequately provided for through traditional foods. GimCat Multi-Vitamin Cat Paste contains 12 eΒential vitamins, oils and beta glucan in a 3in1 complex that can help to strengthen your cat's natural defences. The product is sugar-free. Vitamin E is a valuable antioxidant that can help to prevent cell damage by neutralising free radicals.

It can also help to slow the ageing proceΒ and prevent infections, as well as eye and nerve-damage. Taurine is an eΒential amino acid, which is eΒential for cats; their bodies do not produce it in sufficient quantities by themselves, so it needs to be included in foodstuffs.

Taurine is particularly important for eyesight and to support heart function. Biotin is included to ensure the cat's coat stays shiny. These eΒential ingredients, along with the other nutrients and dietary fibres contained in the paste can help to support healthy development and the overall wellbeing of your cat. The special recipe makes this paste especially recommended for breeding or show cats.

GimCat Multi-Vitamin Cat Paste at a glance: Delicious Vitamin-Paste suitable for all adult cats With immune boosting complex 3in1 combination: 12 vital vitamins, oils and beta glucan to support a strong immune system 12 vitamins: for strong immune system and to support various bodily functions Naturally high quality oils: omega-3 and -6 fatty acids for good brain and heart function, as well as healthy skin and coat Beta glucan: helps reduce inflammation in the digestive tract Taurine: for good eyesight and healthy heart function Suitable for daily feeding No added sugar Ideal for breeding or show cats Recommended by veterinarians Produced in Germany.

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