GimCat Creamy Licks Digestion - Saver Pack 3 x 35g

Always fresh and delicious, GimCat Creamy Licks Digestion come in practical portioned pouches, so that you can always instigate a heartfelt moment between cat and owner! This snacks promotes the natural movement of swallowed hairs out of the body, thanks to a variety of different fibres. It also contains malt extract, a feline favourite, offering a roasted flavour and natural malty taste.

GimCat Creamy Licks Digestion help improve your cat's digestion. Cats are extremely clean creatures and spend much of their time licking and caring for their fur. This can result in a build up of swallowed hairs in the form of internal hairballs, which cannot be digested out of the system. This is where the malt extract in GimCat Creamy Licks Digestion comes in, promoting digestion as well as acting as a tasty treat! GimCat Creamy Licks Digestion: Creamy cat snacks for all adult cats A supplementary cat food Practical portioned pouches for each week, keeping the treats fresh and delicious Malt extract: contains natural enzymes that are highly digestible and promote digestion Yeast: to strengthen the digestive system Free from added sugar With antioxidants, to help protect against the aging proceΒ and infection GimCat Creamy Licks Digestion can be fed directly from the pouch or as an addition to food, or your cat can hold it in its paws to enjoy licking this tasty creamy snack.

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