GimCat Cat-Milk Plus Taurine - 2kg

GimCat Cat-Milk is formulated to meet the needs of kittens. The Cat-Milk is rich in eΒential taurine for a healthy heart and eyesight, while the animal proteins and fats are perfect for young cats with sensitive stomachs. GimCat Cat-Milk also contains natural arachidonic acids which are indispensable for healthy skin and fur, plus all important vitamins, and valuable dietary fibre.

As well as conventional dietary fibres, Cat-Milk contains a lactose derivative with plenty of TGOS (Trans-Galactooligosaccharide), which is part of milk. The fibres contained are eΒential for a healthy intestinal flora. Due to its targeted recipe, GimCat Cat-Milk is ideal for: Raising motherleΒ kittens Useful addition to young cats' diets Healthy nutrition for pregnant and nursing cats Healthy nutrition for elderly and weak cats Maintaining a healthy immune system Helping kittens in their transition from liquids to solids Based on the combination of ingredients, GimCat Cat-Milk plus Taurine is wonderfully well-rounded and perfect to raise your baby cat with.

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