Feringa Menu Kitten 6 x 200g - Turkey

Lovingly created Feringa Menu Kitten is a premium wet food for young cats. This complete food is available in two delicious varieties: Chicken and Veal with Carrots and Dandelion and Turkey with Pumpkin and Catnip. The tasty wet food is grain-free and has a high percentage of meat. Your little cat will love the intense taste. Young cats are full of energy and constantly on the go and these lively little cats need plenty of proteins, nutrients and vitamins, far more than fully grown cats.

Feringa Menu Kitten is ideal for young cats. The nutrient profile in Feringa Menu Kitten is based on the natural diet of cats in the wild. The carefully selected ingredients are gently prepared, preserving the natural nutrients and authentic flavour of this premium food.

Your kitten will love it. Your young cat's digestive system is not designed to proceΒ large amounts of grain, so Feringa recipes contain absolutely no grains. Feringa wet cat food is guaranteed to be a hit with even choosy cats. Feringa Menu Kitten wet food is made to suit the specific needs of kittens aged 2-12 months.

It is also suitable for pregnant or lactating mother cats. Feringa lovingly prepared, just like home-made! Feringa Menu Kitten wet cat food at a glance: High meat content: Feringa wet food for kittens is made from carefully selected meat such as turkey, chicken or veal. 72% meat: Each variety is prepared using only fresh meat.

Cats are natural carnivores, and Feringa provides a natural, species-appropriate diet. No grain: Feringa contains absolutely no grains, as kittens and cats are not able to digest them in large amounts. This grain-free kibble provides your pet with a species appropriate nutrition. Gentle preparation: All ingredients are gently prepared to keep the valuable nutrients and natural flavours fresh.

Exclusive ingredients: Feringa contains only the products named in the ingredients list High quality ingredients: Feringa contains no meat or bone meal, vegetable by-products, meat by-products, artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings With vitamins and taurine: Vitamins and taurine supply your kitten with important nutrients which are vital for a balanced nutrition Ideal calcium-phosphorous ratio: The calcium-phosphorous ratio of your cat's diet plays a big role in your cat's health.

The ratio in Feringa wet cat food is 1.3:1. Valuable fibre: Feringa Menu Kitten is made with easy to digest fruit or vegetables as well as herbs which provide your young cat with fibre which is important for a healthy digestive system Soya and lactose free Feringa is a premium quality food, so it is naturally free from soya and lactose, making it ideal for sensitive kittens Choose from two tasty varieties: Chicken and Veal with Carrots and Dandelion Turkey with Pumpkin and Catnip The mixed pack contain 3 of each variety Feringa cat food is made with love and care by a small family busineΒ in Germany, where creating natural and species appropriate nutrition is at the heart of the.


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