Felix Sensations Crunchy Crumbles 10 x 100g - Meat Selection

Crunchy Crumbles from Felix Sensations complete cat food are a unique, fun combination of delicious chunks in tasty jelly, and an extra portion of crumbly pieces to sprinkle over the top. An exciting extra addition to your cat's daily meals, for a delicious crunchy surprise!Felix Sensations Crunchy Crumbles are not only delicious, but also provide your cat with healthy nutrients, including eΒential fatty acids from linseed oil (omega 6 fatty acids).

These can help to support your cat's skin and coat, as well as the healthy functioning of the central nervous system. Your cat's immune system can also benefit. The food also contains valuable minerals, and vitamins D and E. A balanced vitamin intake is eΒential for your cat's physical wellbeing.

Each multipack contains a range of different delicious flavours, to give your cat a balanced, interesting variety of foods to choose from. The Crumbles are packed in a separate, resealable pouch, keeping them fresh and crispy for longer. Felix Sensations Crunchy Crumbles at a glance: For adult cats Delicious recipes in jelly with a crispy topping A balanced, complete food A fun, unique food combination for your cat With fatty acids from linseed oil: valuable omega 6 fatty acids support your cat's skin, coat and central nervous system With balanced minerals Contains eΒential vitamins D and E The Meat Selection contains the following varieties: 3 x with Beef in Jelly 3 x with Chicken in Jelly 2 x with Rabbit in Jelly 2 x with Lamb in Jelly The Fish Selection contains the following varieties: 3 x with Salmon in Jelly 3 x with Tuna in Jelly 2 x with Pollock in Jelly 2 x with Sardine in Jelly The Vegetable Selection contains the following varieties: 3 x with Chicken and Tomato 3 x with Beef and Carrot 2 x with Salmon and Courgette 2 x with Trout and Green Beans Please be advised: the images of the products on our site are for illustrative purposes only and actual packaging may vary.


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