Felix Kitten As Good As It Looks - Mixed Selection (12 x 100g)

Felix Kitten As Good As It Looks is a range of tasty meals designed specifically for kittens during their first year. It provides everything your kitten needs on a daily basis and helps it to grow into a healthy cat. The delicious chunks in juicy jelly look and smell delicious. As Good As It Looks is made from top quality ingredients which are suitable for little cats and rich in nutrients.

It is also suitable for pregnant or lactating cats. The practical, single serving sized pouches come in lots of different varieties so your kitten will not get bored with its meals and you can serve a fresh portion every time. Felix Kitten As Good As It Looks at a glance: Delicious wet food for kittens (up to 1 year) Also for pregnant and lactating cats) Great taste and well accepted With vital vitamins and minerals: To help correct development A balanced, healthy meal to help bones, teeth and muscles develop Tasty chunks in delicious jelly Wide range of fish and meat varieties to make meal times more exciting In practical, single serving pouches The Mixed Selection is made up of the following great-tasting varieties: 3 x Beef 3 x Poultry 3 x Salmon 3 x Tuna The Saver Pack contains 6 pouches of each variety.

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