Felix Crunchy and Soft Meat - Economy Pack 2 x 950g

Felix Crunchy and Soft Meat offers your adult cat the perfect combination of crunchy and soft with this complete balanced kibble. Each chunk contains valuable meat protein for energy and vitality, as well as being enriched with a range of nutrients such as vitamins A, E and D3, as well as eΒential taurine, a nutrient that your cat needs but cannot produce in sufficient quantity.

It ensures that your cat's vision and heart are functioning in a healthy way. Vitamin A also helps with vision, while vitamin D ensures teeth and bones are strong. A selection of other minerals and trace elements help to improve your cat's overall health and increase vitality. EΒential fatty acids such as omega 6 help keep fur gloΒy as well as being important for the metabolism.

Keep your cat excited by every single mealtime! Felix Crunchy and Soft Meat at a glance: Complete food for adult cats A combination of crunchy croquettes and soft chunks With tasty meat Vitamins and minerals: for strong teeth and bones, as well as good bodily defences and high vitality Taurine: for optimum sight and heart function EΒential fatty acids: for radiant skin and gloΒy fur Produced with ingredients of the highest quality A complete, balanced and irresistible dish that helps keep your cat prepared for life's big adventures.

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