Felix Crunchy and Soft Fish - 950g

For a fabulous fishy flavour in a complete balanced dish, why not treat your cat to this Felix Crunchy and Soft Fish? It is a delicious dry food with a tasty combination of crunchy croquettes with tender meaty chunks, with meat and fish acting as the protein sources for this dish. It is enriched with vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed to keep your cat healthy and active.

Vitamin A helps keeps vision strong, while vitamin D looks after bones and teeth. This Felix Crunchy and Soft Fish also provides your cat with vital fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6, having a positive effective on your cat's skin and fur as well as improving fat burning and circulation. The food also contains taurine, a vital nutrient for cats that cannot be produced in sufficient quantity in the body.

It helps keep vision and heart strong. This complete, balanced dry food offers everything needed for your cat's overall wellbeing and vitality, as well as keeping taste buds tingling! Felix Crunchy and Soft Fish at a glance: Complete adult cat food Combination of crispy croquettes and soft, tender chunks Protein sources: fish and meat Vitamins and minerals: to ensure strong bones and teeth and improve bodily defences and vitality Taurine: for optimal vision and heart function EΒential fatty acids: to keep skin healthy and fur silky Produced with the highest quality ingredients With Felix Crunchy and Soft Fish, you can be sure that you are providing your pet with a delicious balanced meal that offers everything it needs for playing, prancing and wonderful adventures!.

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