Felix As Good As It Looks - Doubly Delicious 12 x 100g - Fish in Jelly

Felix "As Good As It Looks" Doubly Delicious with tender meat chunks in jelly has three chief advantages: it looks as if it were home made, smells appetizing and tastes unbelievably good. An innovative recipe with two favourite flavours in one meal provides an irresistible flavour experience for any little feline. The Country Mix combines these two mouth-watering meaty flavours with delicious country vegetables.

Felix contains everything your little Felix needs to stay healthy and active. Only the best quality-controlled ingredients have been used in the production of Felix As Good as it Looks. The combination of different vitamins, minerals and valuable omega-3 and -6 fatty acids ensures your cat is offered a complete, balanced dish.

Felix "As Good As It Looks" Doubly Delicious contains what its name suggests and tastes as good as it looks, 3 x 4 different, delicious flavours combined in a value pack for variety. Doubly Delicious Meat in Jelly: 3 x with Beef and Poultry 3 x with Lamb and Veal 3 x with Turkey and Liver 3 x with Chicken and Kidney Doubly Delicious Fish in Jelly: 3 x with Salmon and Pollock 3 x with Trout and Herring 3 x with Sardine and Salmon 3 x with Mackerel and Trout Doubly Delicious Country Mix with Veg: 3 x Beef, Poultry and Green Beans 3 x Pork, Game and Courgette 3 x Lamb, Chicken and Tomato 3 x Turkey, Duck and Carrot Please be advised: the images of the products on our site are for illustrative purposes only and actual packaging may vary.

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