Felini Taurine - 200g

Taurine is an eΒential nutrient for cats which the cat's organism on its own can't generate sufficiently. Felini Taurine should be fed as a supplement to your kitty's daily meals to ensure her daily taurine needs are covered. Taurine is an amino acid. Long-term deficiency in eΒential amino acids can harm your cat's metabolism and lead to skin and coat problems.

The taurine content included in cat food is often lower than the cat's daily requirement, which particularly leads to longer preservation when food is dramatically heated. The addition of Felini Taurine redreΒes this balance providing your cat with plenty of vital nutrients. This maintains vision and supports heart function. Felini Taurine has a purity level of 99.

44% and is free from fillers and anti-clumping agents. If your cat is overfed taurine this is simply expelled in the urine. The included measuring spoon holds 700mg (level). Felini Taurine now for 2011 is offering a new, improved recipe. The benefits include high water solubility and reduced dust formation. Taurine deficiencies lead to: BlindneΒ Degeneration of the retina Diseased heart muscle Reproduction problems for female cats Stunted growth among kittens Central nervous system problems Deformation of the spine in kittens Problems with the immune system See the advantages of Felini Taurine: Boosts the metabolism Supports vision Heart function Increases body's natural defences Improves skin and coat condition Measuring spoon included Delivered in a practical storage can to keep it dark and dry Taurine should be stored in a cool, dark place.

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