Cosma Thai in Jelly Saver Pack 12 x 400g - Chicken with Tuna

Cosma Thai cat food is a delicious and unique culinary experience which your cat will really enjoy. It is a premium supplementary food made from natural ingredients. Cosma Thai is made from freshly proceΒed pieces of white meat lightly enriched with rice for an exotic flavour This wet food does not contain any artificial preservatives, nor does it contain any taste enhancers.

Cosma cat food is of high quality and made to standards applied to human nutrition. The food smells very natural and appetising. It contains a high percentage of poultry or tuna which has been refined with delicious crabmeat or tasty chicken liver. The natural ingredients provide your cat with an appropriate nutrition while giving your pet a unique taste experience.

The ever-popular Cosma Thai cat food is now available in a 400g economy can in the following varieties: Tuna with Crab Meat: light pieces of tuna with easy to digest crab meat in tasty jelly, lightly enriched with exotic rice Chicken with Chicken Liver: delicate pieces of chicken with healthy chicken liver in jelly, lightly enriched with exotic rice Chicken with Tuna: tender pieces of chicken with light coloured tuna in jelly, lightly enriched with exotic rice Mixed Pack 12 x 400g: 4 x Tuna with Crab Meat 4 x Chicken with Chicken Liver 4 x Chicken with Tuna Cosma is best served at room temperature to allow the intense taste of meat or fish to develop.

For further information please follow this link: Cosma Thai 400g.

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