Cosma Original in Jelly Saver Pack 12 x 400g - Sardine

Cosma Original in Jelly is a premium quality wet food for adult cats. It is made from pure meat or fish to provide your cat with a species appropriate food. Each variety of Cosma Original in Jelly contains the very best ingredients, carefully prepared using only stock and vegetable-based pectin. Cosma Original in Jelly in the economical 400g can is available as tasty tuna, delicious sardine and tender chicken.

All Cosma varieties are made to strict quality standards, using only select ingredients. The juicy jelly provides your cat with eΒential liquids as well as an intensive taste experience. Cosma is made without artificial preservatives, flavour enhancers and colours. Cosma Original Cat Food 400g is available in an economical 12-pack in the following varieties: Mixed Saver Pack: 4 cans each of Tuna, Chicken and Sardine Tuna (complete cat food): succulent pieces of tuna in a tasty jelly, with added vitamins and minerals Sardine (supplementary cat food): with large chunks of flavoursome sardine, for the cat who loves fish Chicken (supplementary cat food: great tasting, select chunks of chicken in jelly The correct calcium-phosphorous ratio is very important for a good, all-round diet and ensures healthy bones.

This ratio should fall ideally in the 1:1 to 2:1 range. Cosma Tuna is a natural, complete food and will help to provide this balance in your cat's diet: Cosma Tuna in Jelly: has a calcium-phosphorous ratio of 1.

35 Cosma Chicken in Jelly is a supplementary food and does not contain minerals. We recommend feeding your cat Cosma Chicken in Jelly in combination with a balanced mix of dried foods. Cosma Original in Jelly is a premium quality wet cat food and made to standards applicable to human nutrition. Let your nose be the test of Cosma's great quality: Open a can of Cosma Original and sniff the contents gently.

You will notice how natural and appetising this cat food smells and looks and your cat will definitely be of the same opinion. This delicious cat food is best served at room temperature to allow the intense taste of meat or fish to unfold. Cosma Original a pure delight for your cat!.

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