Cosma Nature Heart Box 3 x 70g - 3 x 70g (3 varieties)

Cosma Nature is a supplementary natural cat food with a 75% meat or fish content. A variety of flavours such as delicious tuna, tender chicken and exquisite salmon keep your cat's food bowl exciting. All ingredients are cooked gently in their own juices, giving your cat a healthy, authentic taste experience with every meal. The Cosma Nature Heart Box contains 3 delicious delicacies: 70g Cosma Nature Tuna 70g Cosma Nature Chicken Fillet 70g Cosma Nature Salmon Cosma Nature is a premium quality wet cat food and made to standards applicable to human nutrition.

Let your nose be the test of Cosma's great quality: open a can of Cosma Nature and sniff the contents gently. You will notice how natural and appetising this cat food smells and looks and your cat will definitely be of the same opinion.

Cosma Nature a natural, pure delight for your cat! Further product information can be found here: Cosma Nature This limited edition is available only while stocks last so give it a try now to ensure you don't miΒ out!.

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