Corwex Tender Filet Stick - Tuna (22g)

Corwex Tender Filet Stick is an exceptionally tender and mouth-watering snack for cats. This snack is made of pure fillet chunks and comes in three delicious varieties to choose from: chicken, duck or tuna. Containing only one single protein source, the Corwex Filet Sticks are suitable for cats with nutritional allergies or intolerances. This treat is low in fat and is free from sugar and artificial additives, making this filet stick the perfect premium snack between meals.

The succulent filet stick has a soft texture and is very well-accepted. Whether you choose juicy chicken, duck or tuna, your feline friend will adore this gourmet treat! The stylish packaging with a cute paw print and cat silhouette fits perfectly with the motto "fantastic snacks for furry friends!" Corwex Tender Filet Stick Mixed Pack contains: 1 x Chicken 1 x Duck 1 x Tuna Corwex Tender Filet Stick at a glance: High-quality, gourmet snack for cats Premium taste: made from pure fillet with the finest ingredients Single protein source and grain-free: very well accepted, so it is suitable for fuΒy cats or cats with allergies Exceptionally tender and succulent: a real mouth-watering treat for your feline friend Free from unneceΒary ingredients: contains no sugar, no artificial additives and has a low fat content (Chicken: 1.

3%, Duck: 1.3%, Tuna: 2.5%) Innovative: a natural recipe, based on the motto "Fantastic snacks for furry friends!" Please note: Once opened, these fillet sticks can be stored for one week maximum in the refrigerator.

They have a longer shelf life when unopened.

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