Corwex Soft-Bits Snacks - Mixed Pack (3 x 30g)

Corwex Soft-Bits Snacks are exceptionally tender and mouth-watering treats for cats. These small chunks come in three delicious varieties to choose from: chicken, duck or tuna. These tasty treats for your cat contain a very high meat content and are well-accepted, making them an ideal snack between mealtimes. These treats are low in fat and are free from sugar and artificial additives.

Corwex Soft-Bits Snacks have a semi-moist, soft consistency, which are easy for senior cats to bite into. These treats are enriched with green tea extract, for added health benefits; green tea is a natural antioxidant and can have an anti-inflammatory effect. The stylish packaging with a cute paw print and cat silhouette fits perfectly with the motto "fantastic snacks for furry friends!" Corwex Soft-Bits Snacks Mixed Pack contains: 1 x Chicken 1 x Duck 1 x Tuna Corwex Soft-Bits Snacks at a glance: High-quality, gourmet snack for cats Tender texture: semi-moist consistency, soft enough for older cats to bite into Well-accepted: cats love the high meat content of these perfectly sized, semi-moist treats Meat content of over 95% and grain-free: very high content of tender chicken, duck or tuna, so it is suitable for fuΒy cats or cats with allergies Only 1% fat content No unneceΒary ingredients: 100% free from sugar and artificial additives Green tea extract: contains natural antioxidants, can have a positive effect on inflammation and enhance well-being Innovative: a natural recipe, based on the motto "Fantastic snacks for furry friends!" Please note: Once opened, these fillet sticks can be stored for one week maximum in the refrigerator.

They have a longer shelf life when unopened.

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